Guide for intercultural partnership

In this Guide, we are presenting the Intercultural Partnership developed between the partners of the international ERASMUS+ project E-learning course for innovative textile fields (Advan2Tex). Between the five partner institutions, which come from four different European Union countries (Romania, Portugal, Czech Republic and Slovenia), one can recognize many differences, but also similarities.

7. 4. Other aspects of the Intercultural Partnership

7.5. Experiences and recommendations from the Joint Staff Events

The main experiences and recommendations, extracted from the Joint Staff Events are as follows:

-          Joint staff events are a good mean of exchanging scientific ideas between the participants from the different countries.

-          Several similarities and differences could be observed, which help to better identify own weaknesses and strengths.

-          JSEs offer also the framework of exchanging different views and modalities of work, as well as specific technical and cultural approaches of each country.

-          The brokerage of project ideas represents a premise for building new project proposals.

-          Among other topics, interesting discussions were about the MOOC for the textile and clothing field.

-          We realized that our working teams are compact and willing to work together. The team members got better self-confidence.

-          The best thing about Joint Staff Events was that a greater number of members of national research teams could come together.

-          The ides presented at JSE were versatile and enhance the knowledge/experiences of a larger group.

-          Many differences, but also similarities between the partner institutions/country enlarge the joint potential of the whole consortium.

-          JSEs present an important and efficient forum for harmonizing delicate issues and finding best solutions.

-          JSEs present the opportunity to know and understand the partner institutions, cities, regions and culture better.

-          It would be recommended that also the students/participants of the courses could be part of the JSEs. In such a way, we could get important information directly from the target group.

-          JSEs shell be recommended also for the future similar projects.



Figure 21: The main focus of the Advan2Tex project were motivated and curious trainees