Guide for Best Practices of the Courses

3 Introduction

One of the outputs of the ADVAN2TEX project is a guide for best practices in the field of the course (blended course).

The organization of 6 blended courses in the second year of the project has lead to a relationship between tutors and trainees and a teaching experience, which has been assessed by means of feed-back questionnaires, based on the principle of benchmarking.

Based on this benchmarking exercise and the questionnaires, the best practices have been identified, serving as a basis for the improvement of the courses.

This guide has been prepared based on the information sent by all partners and all tutors that sent the questionnaires. The questionnaire is presented in Annex 1.

A total of 25 questionnaires have been received by tutors:

CO – INCDTP – The National R&D Institute for Textiles and Leather – 5

P1 – University of Minho – 6

P2 – TZU – Textile Testing Institute – 3

P3 – University of Maribor – 7

P4 – Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” – 6

Note that some tutors which have tutored more than one module have merged the answers in one single form.

It was also foreseen to include some information about financial aspects, namely effective cost per trainee and per hour of face-to-face course. As the involvement of labour in all the 6 courses was in principle similar, the differences are mainly related to different labour costs in the different countries / partner institutions, as well as to the effective number of trainees in each course. This information has not been included in this guide.