Guide for smart practices

Guide for smart practices in the textile sector.

1. Introduction



Guide for Smart Practices

Textile Sector


July 2019


The Guide for smart practices in the textile sector aims to identify human’s skills needed in textile enterprises in order to prepare a Course in smart textiles adequate to these expected needs in Professional Schools.


In the first chapter the reader can find an introduction to the guide, explaining its aims and expected uses. The second chapter  includes main results and data found in the survey. The third chapter presents the technical and smart textiles stories - interviews. 

The fourth chapter  includes main ideas on how to transfer good practices and innovative ideas on smart practices, from source sites (the enterprises with technical and smart textiles experiences) to target sites (the more traditional enterprises and the Schools).


The innovation experiences and stories collected in smart textiles will be transferred towards educational organizations and specially VET (Vocational Education and Training) schools, in order to prepare students to the jobs of the future. The idea is to anticipate job profiles and prepare the students with the appropriate skills. The examples of technical and smart textiles from the analysis done to 63 textile enterprises in Europe can be used by teachers during the students learning process at School, they and their teachers will be invited to visit the respective enterprises and to learn more about the most modern and innovative textile enterprises in their region. Having good examples to work with at School teachers and students can have more practical learning experiences, with a multilevel and project based learning of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects, in order to get skills that prepare them to the world-of-work in smart & technical textile field.