Guide for intercultural partnership

In this Guide, we are presenting the Intercultural Partnership developed between the partners of the international ERASMUS+ project E-learning course for innovative textile fields (Advan2Tex). Between the five partner institutions, which come from four different European Union countries (Romania, Portugal, Czech Republic and Slovenia), one can recognize many differences, but also similarities.

5. Elements of Intercultural Partnership

In order to collect the information needed for developing and analyzing the Intercultural Partnership, we prepared the table, which was distributed and completed by all of the partner institutions. All the tables are included in Annex at the end of this Guide.

The elements/criteria for analyzing Intercultural Partnership are divided into following groups:

-          General information about the country (population, country-specific data).

-          Information, related to the situation in textile-related industries (number of workers, also related to the gender, number and size of companies, export figures).

-          Short description of partner institutions.

-          Similarities and differences between the partner countries / organizations.

-          Interference with the national culture of the host partner (books, cultural heritage, habits etc.).

-          Aspects regarding the Joint Staff Events.

-          Cultural and social events.

-          Experiences/Recommendations from the Joint Staff Events.