Guide for intercultural partnership

In this Guide, we are presenting the Intercultural Partnership developed between the partners of the international ERASMUS+ project E-learning course for innovative textile fields (Advan2Tex). Between the five partner institutions, which come from four different European Union countries (Romania, Portugal, Czech Republic and Slovenia), one can recognize many differences, but also similarities.

7. 4. Other aspects of the Intercultural Partnership

7.1. Similarities and differences between the partner organisations

Three partner organisations are higher education institutions (Universities/Faculties from Romania (Iasi), Portugal (Guimarães) and Slovenia (Maribor)). Two organisations, including the coordinator, are Institutes, situated in Romania (Bucharest) and Czech Republic (Brno).

Therefore, the differences between the activities and nature of work between the partner institutions are quite large. However, there are also many similarities, since the materials/products are always related to different forms of textiles.

Detailed views of similarities and differences between the partner organisations can be seen from the Tables, included into Ch. 6 Annex.