8. Conclusions

This guide contains the main aspects of the partners of the consortium of the international ERASMUS+ project Advan2Tex related to the intercultural cooperation. Intercultural partnership, developed within the course of the project between different partner organisations, can be seen as a catalyst for enhancing the level of knowledge related to staff, institutions, regions, countries and culture of project partners.

In this Guide, the Intercultural Partnership developed between the partners is presented taking into account many difference, but also similarities of the partner countries. In order to collect the information needed for developing and analysing the Intercultural Partnership, we have used the information, provided by all of the participating institutions. All the tables are included in Annex at the end of this Guide.

Analysis of the elements of Intercultural Partnership is given in Ch. 3. The elements/criteria for analysing other aspects of the Intercultural Partnership were divided into eight groups, discussed in Ch. 4.

At the last JSE held in Maribor in June 2016, a Project song was introduced to all of the participants by the Slovenian hosts and learned/performed by all of the present members of the project consortium.

An important message is built into the song, as the refrain says:

It was not an easy project,

but we did it,

and how we did it,

… oh, yes, we did it well”.



Figure 22: Preparing to perform the Advan2Tex Project song