3. Introduction

Objectives of the Erasmus+ Advan2Tex project:

  • enhancing the quality and relevance of the learning offer in training by developing of a innovative textile course and e-learning platform and supporting the dissemination of the project’s outcomes;
  • improving the level and the assessment of textile competences, including entrepreneurship, languages and digital skills;
  • promoting take-up of innovative practices by use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), open and flexible learning.
  • promoting structured inter-regional cooperation
  • improving the capacities of organizations in the fields of training of specific textile target group
  • promote entrepreneurship education, employability and new business creation, supporting the personal and professional development of the target group.

Main outputs of the project:

1. Innovative textile course and manual

2. e-learning platform

3. Training activities (organization of blended courses, joint staff training events)

4. A guide for promoting intercultural partnership, a guide for best practices in the field of the courses and a guide with new research and business ideas, resulting from the joint staff training events

5. Articles, events presentations, etc.


Figure 2: A look inside of the Advan2Tex e-learning platform