4. Clustering of the 100 project ideas on main research topics


Clusters of ideas - Follow-up JSE Iasi + JSE Bucharest+ JSE Guimaraes




JSE Maribor

Development of education system for laundry management and employees (TZU)

COME AND PLAY in Textile Testing Institute (TZU)

Education and Training for  Key Competencies in the Field of Textiles for Automotive Applications (UT Iasi)

Training Key Competencies for International Qualifications in Sourcing Management Throughout the Overall Textile Supply Chain (UT Iasi)

JSE Brno

e‐TechTex: E‐learning course for technical textiles field (UT Iasi)

Simulation of yarns structure and properties for e-learning interactive studies (UT Iasi)

Development of educational tools for primary and secondary school teaching, using textile industry as an example of technical sciences (TZU)

Training Key Competencies for International Qualifications in Testing and Quality Assessment of Technical and Non-Technical Textiles (UT Iasi)

JSE Iasi

Training key competencies for engineers & technical staff, in the field of denim, within the textile supply chain (TU Iasi)

MOOC MODEL for the textile sector (UMinho)

Mobile App for textile training (UMinho)

Web application for thermo-physiological properties of clothing (INCDTP)

JSE Bucharest

Textiles in secondary education (TZU)

E-learning – transfer from generations (UT Iasi)

e-spinning school – training in yarn manufacturing (UT Iasi)

JSE Guimaraes

Textbooks for textile in foreign language

TEXDEX – multilingual dictionary for textile science and technology (UT Iasi)

Education and training for the Quality Circles Development as a successful and Sustainable Business Tool (UT Iasi)

Enhancing professional competences of textile engineering students using open source platforms and European mobility opportunities (UT Iasi)


Clothing for growing minorities


JSE Maribor

3D scanning and printing of the fashionable orthosis for scoliosis (UMaribor)

JSE Brno

Design/3D print of rigid parts of orthosis for scoliosis using CASP (UMaribor)

Adapted functional garments and comfort during wearing orthosis for scoliosis (UMaribor)

JSE Iasi

Nonstandard body shapes’ garment pattern design (UMaribor)

Functional footwear for paraplegics (UMaribor)

JSE Bucharest

Adapted garments for people with body deformations (UMaribor)

Virtual prototyping of solid and less deformable accessories and safety wearing (UMaribor)

Evaluation of garment fit in virtual environment (UMaribor)

JSE Guimaraes

WebSpecials - Web platform  (UMinho)

Multifunctional clothes for wheelchairs users (UMaribor)

Adapted garments for nonstandard body shapes (UMaribor)

AnthroSpecials – Anthropometric study focused in growing minorities (UMinho)

Virtual prototyping of complex textile structures based on CASP methodology (UMaribor)


Advanced multifunctional textiles


JSE Maribor

Insoles with antimicrobial effect based on plant extracts (TZU)

Bioimplant used in gastroenterology (INCDTP)

Atmospheric-pressure plasma deposition of nanocomposite coatings with controllable antibacterial activity for biomedical textiles (UMinho)

Evaluation of garment fitting in motion (UMaribor)

Development of special clothes with sense actuators (UMaribor)

“New knitted structures with anti‐static and anti‐microbial properties obtained by plasma treatment” ‐ Plasmart (INCDTP)

JSE Brno

Influence of textile materials and their antimicrobial treatments on normal human microflora (TZU)

JSE Bucharest

Atmospheric Plasma for surface functionalization of textiles for biomedical applications (UMinho)

New functionalized textile for medicine (INCDTP)

Multilayered structures for bedding clothes with antimicrobial properties (INCDTP)

JSE Guimaraes

Extracts and “carrier” systems based on natural polymers for medical textile (INCDTP)

Bio-nanotechnological approach for biofilm control in textiles (UMinho)

Multifunctional clothes for wheelchairs users (UMaribor)


Green concept applied to textiles


JSE Maribor

Functional Textiles Obtained By Applying Bioactive Agents (UT Iasi)

Management information system for wastewater treatment plants- Infosyst (INCDTP)

JSE Brno

Combination of biotechnological approach and ultrasound in textile finishing (UMaribor)

JSE Iasi

BenchTexLCA - Assessment of the environmental impact of a garment (UMinho)

LCA on plasma treated materials (INCDTP)

Sustainability and Creativity in  Iasi and the North-East Region (TU Iasi)

Textiles and composite materials with controlled lifecycle based on novel eco-stabilizers (TZU)

Extractives from waste plant materials for high-added value fibrous products (UMaribor)

Textile absorbers for certain environments suitable as a movable cultural heritage deposits (TZU)

Development of methods for cleaning of textile culture heritage items (TZU)

JSE Bucharest

High flux antifouling nanofiltration membranes based on electrospun nanofibers with incorporated carbon nanotubes for treatment of textile industry wastewaters (UMinho)

Natural textile dyes (TZU)

New functionalized textile for aquaculture (INCDTP)

JSE Guimaraes

Wastes in leather footwear industry: new approaches (UMInho)


Electronic textiles


JSE Brno

Development of textile‐based thermoelectric generators (UMinho)

Fabrication and characterization of novel textile‐based supercapacitors (UMinho)

Matrix to fashion websites: through the eyes of fashion students  (UMinho)

JSE Iasi

Mathematical models for optimizing the shape and size of the protective garment pieces by taking into consideration the pressure exerted by the cloth in the support area (TU Iasi)

JSE Bucharest

Magnetic codes – magnetically detectable textile prints (TZU)

Surgical sutures and meshes visible by MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) (TZU)

JSE Guimaraes

FLEXTEX – Flexible electronic textiles (UT Iasi) 


Composite Materials


JSE Maribor

Preparation of superhydrophobic surfaces - biomimetic multifunctional textiles (UMaribor)

Identification of “new” textile fibres via legislation (TZU)

Whole Garment Knits for ESD Clothing (UT Iasi)

Solutions for textiles with  improved thermal insulation (UMinho)

JSE Brno

Development of Textile Materials as Vibration Isolators, VibraTex (UT Iasi)

On-line monitoring of thermal-sensory parameters in contacts between the skin and textile materials (UMaribor)

Functionalization of electrospun polymeric dressings with complexes of Col I and AMPs for enhanced wound-healing (UMinho)

Adaptive manufacturing for textile industry by using fire retardant treatments for market oriented products (INCDTP)

Textiles with conductive yarns for electromagnetic shielding (INCDTP)

Textiles of common use and their utility properties (TZU)

Thermal comfort of gloves (TZU)

JSE Iasi

Composite for mariculture – Maritex (INCDTP)

Multi-effect agrotextiles for sustainable agriculture (INCDTP)

Knitted shoe linings for diabetics (TU Iasi)

New technology for joining textile materials (UMaribor)

Intelligent textile composites with embedded sensors for real time in situ structural health monitoring (TU Iasi)

JSE Bucharest

Researches regarding the development of composite materials with blended natural and technical yarns as reinforcement systems – NATUCOMP (UT Iasi)

Materials for construction from sustainable resources (heat insulation, phonic insulation, mechanical resistance) (INCDTP)

Auxetic textile materials for packaging products (UT Iasi)

JSE Guimaraes

Welding technology for textiles (UMaribor)

Comfort of child sleeping bags: specifications and test methods (TZU)

Seat test sweating manikin for furniture (TZU)

Increased user comfort for public seating – user interaction with textile materials (TZU)


Management / Innovation


JSE Maribor

Fashi(On)2line: Web and Social Media (UMinho)

Promoting Best Practices for Innovation in Textiles (INCDTP)

Technology Portfolio Analysis for implementation of new articles in textile enterprises (INCDTP)

JSE Brno

Involvement of women in the textile sector / Womentex (INCDTP)

Controlling instruments for improved cost performance of technical textiles (INCDTP)

JSE Iasi

Innovation in footwear industry: “Ace of Diamonds” model (UMinho)

Wastes in leather footwear industry: new approaches according the concept of “The circular economy” (UMinho)

JSE Guimaraes

Increase of the competitiveness of

Textile – clothing companies and integration in clusters/competitiveness poles – TEXCLUSTERS (INCDTP)

Innovation in footwear industry: “Ace of Diamonds” model (UMinho)

Education and training for the Quality Circles (UT Iasi)

Development as a successful and Sustainable Business Tool (UMInho)