6. Presentation of the 30 project ideas in template

6.1. New Functionalized Textiles for Aquaculture



Title of the project

New Functionalized Textiles for  Aquaculture


Envisaged Program for funding / other sources for funding

         - HORIZON 2020 ;

         - ERA –NET ;



Domain of interest

         - New multifunctional technical textiles ;

         - Food ;

         - Protective environment.


(up to 500 words)


The project will be focused on:

- the conception, development and planning, in the sea, in the hydro biological conditions specific to the seashore, of technicalp011.jpg

experimental models for the : recovery and expansion of epibiont organisms populations, with the aim of developing a bio filtrating barrier and cultivating big size bivalve epibionts (mussels and oysters) for food purposes. The quantitative dimension of the artificially created new populations and the evaluation of the sea water bio treatment.

-development of new aquaculture methods that would substantially increase the positive environmental effects;

-development of farm protection equipment against predators;

-improvement of work conditions and protection for the workers in aquaculture.

The synergetic combination of the elements of an equipment for aquaculture :

floating systems, grid type textiles for chambers and auxiliary components,

with multifunctional properties ensure the technical – scientific collaboration

between various activity sectors :nanotechnology, biotechnology, nano-biotechnology, surface treatment technologies, electronics integrated in the textile structures, new textile machinery, etc.) .with: results that benefit competitiveness and the consolidation of new market niches.

Keywords (up to 5)

          - epibiont organisms

          -  bio filtrating barrier

          -  aquaculture

          -  environmental effects

          -  seafood

Envisaged partners sought


  -  research institute in textile and marine domain ;

  -  private companies with aquaculture activity ;

  -  private companies with technical textile production;


Contact data

(Name/Surname, Organization, email)

PhD Visileanu Emilia

INCDTP – Bucharest