6. Presentation of the 30 project ideas in template

6.4. Textile structures for buildings with multiple functionalities



Title of the project

Textile structures for buildings with multiple functionalities


Envisaged Program for funding / other sources for funding





Domain of interest

BUILTECH, technical textiles



(up to 500 words)


Textile materials from sustainable natural resources are suitable for the building construction domain. Such textile materials can meet the following functionalities:

-          Heat insulation

-          Phonic insulation

-          Mechanic resistance for consolidation

In order to meet these functionalities nonwoven fabrics will be performed with reinforced woven structures for mechanical resistance.

The nonwoven component of the materials will ensure the heat / phonic insulation and will be performed from natural, renewable resources, like bast fibers (e.g. hemp).   

Nevertheless, raw materials from recycled materials, like PET fibers from recycled PET bottles, will be studied.

The three main functionalities will be tested accordingly to the standards and tailored for specific building construction applications.


Keywords (up to 5)

Textiles, buildings, heat insulation, phonic insulation, reinforcing


Envisaged partners sought

Nonwoven producing SMEs, European research providers



Contact data

(Name/Surname, Organization, email)

Ion Razvan Radulescu, INCDTP – Bucharest, razvan.radulescu@certex.ro