6. Presentation of the 30 project ideas in template

6.15. Manikin for children’s comfort - Little Charlie



Title of the project

Manikin for children’s comfort - Little Charlie


Envisaged Program for funding / other sources for funding

project 3 -4 years, cooperation leading to prepare the proposal of EU standard

Domain of interest

As a partner in project,



(up to 500 words)

We have been testing the thermal isolation of sleeping bags according to the standard EN 13537 for ten years. In 2013 we developed a child manikin hopefully we will be able to do test according to the standard. Unfortunately, it has not happened so far. Nowadays we are able to modify the method for adult to the children´s request on behalf of sleeping bags producers, There are sleeping bags made of different materials, shapes and for different age category on the market. Producers quote these temperatures: extreme, limit, comfort and others recommend only the higher temperature limit. The contribution to the development of this standard is our idea. We would like to contribute to this problem by the project „How to measure sleeping bags for children“. Frequently question of parents is: What sleeping bags should we buy to children? What is the best for them? These questions bring us to the idea of the cooperation with parents and their children.

Problems associated with the child manikin test are:

-          Calibration (set of sleeping bags with known temperature comfort)

       -      Comfort temperatures of children’s body under sleeping

       -       Ethics (testing on children)

Realisation steps of my idea:

  1. Buying of sleeping bags with

-          different weights

-          different fillings (down, hollow fibre)

-          different constructions

  1. Address parents

-          different age category of children

-          different weight

-          different height

-          different gender (girl, boy, robot)

  1. Let the children sleep in bags

-          in different temperatures

-          in different conditions (simulation of tent, cottage)

-          in different bags

  1. Cooperation with doctors

-          formulation of the physiological mode of children

  1. Feedback from children and parents

-          feeling during night (hot cold, shivering, perspiration,....)

-          combinations the information with constructions and materials of sleeping bags

Our goal: The goal is to obtain  as much information as possible for the completing reference values of thermal comfort correlating with needs of children.

Expenditure for the maniking: cca 40000 EUR

Keywords (up to 5)

Sleeping bag, manikin, testing, children,


Envisaged partners sought

Faculty of Medicine, producers of sleeping bags, parents

Contact data

(Name/Surname, Organization, email)

Ivana Jakubcová, TZU, Václavská 6, 603 00 Brno ,Czech republic

jakubcova@tzu.cz, info@tzu.cz