6. Presentation of the 30 project ideas in template

6.18. The creation of a new standard (Technical Specification) on the basis of a new testing method and its submission to CEN as a new European Standard



Title of the project

The creation of a new standard (Technical Specification) on the basis of a new testing method and its submission to CEN as a new European Standard


Envisaged Program for funding / other sources for funding

Three years


Domain of interest

Textile Testing Institute, Brno



(up to 500 words)

The project is focused on the process of the creating a new standard (Technical Specification) and how to enforce this new standard as the European Standard. What the first impulse was. What kinds of sources, documents and data would be necessary to find, which body and who should participate in this process and who should participate in the comments procedure etc.

The project is following up the project about creating a testing method for measuring the thermal insulation of sleeping bags for children.

Based on findings of this project, we have the required data and verified values. We know the properties, conditions and a procedure of the testing and also the correct test devices to ensure for the children optimum comfort during using the sleeping bags in various environments, conditions and in various temperatures and humidity.

The objective of this project is to work out a draft of a new Technical Specification (TS) for an item for which there is neither European nor an International Standard. We need help of all the participants of this event to consider which way to ensure the creation and verification of this Technical Specification in such quality, so that it was possible to submit it to the Technical Board (TB) of CEN which approves new tasks. Subsequently, TB could delegate the Technical Specification to a relevant working group (WG) within CEN as a new work item (NWI). This means we would reverse the process as we could submit a complete Technical Specification as a new standard for consideration to CEN. Then this standard has a better chance to go public as a European Standard (EN).

The main task of our Textile Testing Institute is to transform a new testing method for the sleeping bags into the Technical Specification according to „Internal Regulations” of CEN-CENELEC.

We are going to send a draft of the Technical Specification for comments and observations to all project participants. The project participants can then send the draft to various laboratories, manufacturers, universities etc. to ensure the participation of more interested parties for commenting and observing in their own country.

In order to support local micro-to-medium-sized enterprises, the participants should contact these enterprises and sent them the draft of the Technical Specification. Participation on standards creation of micro-to-medium-sized enterprises is needed in general. By participating on standards creation the enterprises could enforce theirs interests and requests which could help them compete against large enterprises.

All the work on the draft of the Technical Specification, including translation, comments, discussion, processing into a final draft TS and handover to the European Committee for Standardization will be financed from the project resources.


Keywords (up to 5)

Technical Specification, European Standard, creation, comments, enterprises


Envisaged partners sought

Testing Laboratories





Contact data

(Name/Surname, Organization, email)

Jarmila Gabrielová


Textile Testing Institute

Centre of Technical Standardization

Václavská 6, 658 41 Brno