6. Presentation of the 30 project ideas in template

6.30. E-learning course for technical textiles field



Title of the project


E-learning course for technical textiles field

Envisaged Program for funding / other sources for funding


Erasmus+ KA2 - Strategic Partnership Projects



Domain of interest


Universities, Textile Companies, Vocational Schools



(up to 500 words)

        Technical textiles sector is a knowledge-based and research-oriented industry which has been continuously developed due to the functional requirements demanded in sectors like aerospace, defence industry, agriculture, medicine and healthcare, sports, transportation or construction. Currently, the technical textiles field is one of the fastest growing sectors of the textile industry. It covers a large and extremely diverse range of products, designed for specific applications and requiring appropriate properties according to their end use.

        The continuous education and training is a key factor in the future development of technical textiles field, ensuring an updated level of knowledge, skills and competencies for all those involved in this industry.

      The companies that operates in technical textiles need skilled staff at all levels, engineers, technicians and operators, with good theoretical and practical training.

      The project aims to develop an online platform for training in area of technical textiles and related manufacturing technologies. It is addressed to students from universities, teachers from technological high schools, technical staff in the textile sector, non-textile professionals who are working in the textile industry etc.

      The content of the e-learning course modules will cover topics as:

-Technical fibres: conventional fibres (natural, regenerated and synthetics), high strength and high modulus organic fibres, high chemical and combustion-resistant organic fibres, high performance inorganic fibres (glass and carbon fibres), ultrafine and novelty fibres.

- Technical yarns: production technologies for manufacturing technical yarns, the structure and properties of the yarns produced using these technologies.

- Technical fabric structures and their properties: woven fabrics, knitted fabrics (weft- and warp-knitted fabrics), nonwoven fabrics, braiding products.

 - Finishing of technical textiles: mechanical finishes and chemical processes used to impart special functionalities to the technical textiles (durable flame-retardant treatment, water-repellent, antistatic, antimicrobial and antifungal finishes).

- Testing of technical textiles

To explain and illustrate the content of the course modules will be used text, photography, graphics, and video clips.

The project will provide an Internet-based learning tool with rich and updated content, to give the learners the opportunity to learn in their own rhythm, at a convenient time and in their preferred learning environment.


Keywords (up to 5)

E-learning, technical textile products and technologies.


Envisaged partners sought

Academic institutions, companies, research institutes

Contact data

(Name/Surname, Organization, email)

Cristina PIROI

Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” from Iasi, Faculty of Textile-Leather and Industrial Management