VET open days in textile field

VET open days in textile field

by Ion Razvan Radulescu -
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The National R&D Institute for Textiles and Leather – Bucharest organizes the open days for VET trainees, showcasing multiple attractive themes in the textile activity. Some presentation themes will include a visit to the certified testing laboratories (with practice on the working modality of a dynamometer, contact angle measurement etc.), several PPT presentations with recent research results and a visit to some of the performant textile enterprises located in the near proximity of the institute.

Several prototypes of textile articles will be handled to the young trainees, in order to generate discussions upon modern research ideas in textiles.

The young VET trainees will receive relevant data upon the visited companies and will have the possibility to gain a broader look upon the interesting facilities of the institute, in order to be aware of the opportunities of a career in textile industry & research.

A feed-back questionnaire for the impact on the trainees will be prepared.